Match Schedule

Held every four years (in between the Olympic Games) for one month between June and July.

Period : May 31 ~ June 30, 2002
Venues: Ten cities in Korea and Japan
Korea: Seoul, Inchon, Suwon, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangiu, Jeonju, Ulsan, Busan, Seogwipo
Japan : Sapporo, Miyagi, Ibaraki,Saitama, Yokohama, Niigata, Shizuoka, Osaka, Kobe,Oita
Expected numeber of participants : 13,000 (32 teams, FIFA representatives, media etc)

The emblem consists of two key elements
The official emblem of the 2002 FIFA World Cup belongs to FIFA and it is legally forbidden for use by commercial entities which have not acquired an official relationship with FIFA. Any individual or organization that violate this regulation can be punished.

2-1. FIFA World Cup Symbol
- Central Image
In the middle of the emblem there is a stylized representation of the FIFA World Cup Trophy which symbolizes the unique image of the FIFA World Cup as the key element of the emblem. It is the first-ever emblem to include a stylized Trophy in the history of the FIFA World Cup Trophy at the centre

FIFA World Cup Logotype

The overall appearance of the emblem is one of a circle. This was chosen for its highly symbolic nature: the circle has been part of the Asian culture for many centuries and has also stood for the universe, the sun, the world and balanced life. Thus the theme of a circle and a sphere is used to constitute both the outer shape and the FIFA World Cup Trophy at the centre.

- Colour
The symbol is brightly coloured to embody the vibrant colours of the many different countries participating in the tournament. Moreover, the symbol uses colours with a special meaning in Asia. Example) Yellow (Middle of the emblem) the Symbol of "centre" in Asia. White (Surrounding the Trophy) the Symbol of "purity" in Asia.
The circle is left open at the top-left of the emblem to indicate openness of the FIFA World Cup Trophy to anyone in the world. In other words, each and every participant stands a chance of winning the Trophy, the grand prize for reaching his ultimate goal of seizing the championship

2-2. Logotype
The logotype consists of three parts : the year(2002), the FIFA World Cup logo(FIFA World Cup) and the names of the host countries(Korea, Japan). Each has been designed to reflect the characteristics of the World Cup from various perspective.

The two zeros of the year 2002 are represented by the symbol of 'infinity', embodying the spirit of eternal unity and the harmonious link between Korea and Japan as well as among all the World Cup participants

- Logo
The FIFA WORLD CUP lettering is reserved for FIFA to use in every tournament. *The "2002 FIFA World Cup" lettering appears in gold to represent dignity.

- Nik
I'm bright and always burning with a thirst for knowledge. I'm very eager to win by a landslide getting goals from the first match of the 2002 FIFA World Cup finals. Speed and aggressiveness are my strong points, while giving things too much thought is my weak point

- Ato
I'm the head of the academy. As the leader and spiritual master, I'm interesting, versatile and widely experienced. It's true that I sometimes show off, but I am the most popular and worshipped of all the creatures. I have a good family background. In reality, however, I made a career for myself.

- Kaz
I have many dreams, and I'm concerned about worldly affairs. Although I'm a dreamer by nature, I'm very considerate. Right now, I dream of heading the ball into the opponents' net in the 2002 FIFA World Cup matches.

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